Wednesday, September 21, 2005

okay, but which headshot do you like better?

just to get the pictures further down the page, i'm posting this comment that was left on the first pic:

Maggie,I am surpised at your lack of education.....Faux News as you call it, has over double the viewers, repeat after me, over double the viewers of their closest competitor, CNN and they are even in less households than CNN, about 20 % less...furthermore, FAUX news as you call it, employs far far far far far far more DEMS on their payroll, then do CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS AND ABC combined have Repubs..In case you doubt this simple irrefutable fact....I will name just a few that come to mind....Greta, a registered Dem, you conveniently tried to pass off as being a conservative, then you have COLMES, ESTRITCH, HENICAN, GERLADO, the same Geraldo who wanted to hug Clinton when he was being impeached, Lanny Davis, Dershowitz, Jeff Feiger, Mara Liason, Juan Williams, Keith Watters, Bob Beckel,Gloria Allred....can you name even half that many, on all the other networks combined? Get yOUR facts straight, misguided Leftist.

David in Michigan Email 09.21.05 - 1:18 am #

what a picture of my head has to do with this, i have no idea. i'm not even clear on where he got the idea i stated Greta van sustern was a conservative.(i may have, somewhere, jokingly, typed the words Faux News) i'll just add, for fun, that generally if i get tired of fox news i'll turn the tv off rather than watch any other "24 hour"news channel.(i'm up really late and know they don't always report new stuff in the wee small hours) rto would be disappointed in me otherwise.

and this is probably the second time in my life i can think of i've been called a leftist. the other time was by a coworker, and it was in jest. (this other guy we had to share the conference room turned cube farm with was a big fan o' pat buchanan and david duke (he wasn't racist, just misunderstood), so yeah, compared to him i was a "flaming liberal")