Friday, December 02, 2005

don't have any angry pics of the kitties, so this will have to do. Posted by Picasa

seems like the animals always do something to freak me out when rto leaves town for a while. so tonight i decided to feed the puppy before i left. carlos and maggie usually come to watch. carlos got wedged between the door and the storm door so when i opened the door to come back in, he slipped out. ugh, usually they just scoot back inside, the outside is scary, but of course i don't have a lot of time to kill so carlos decided to see the garden. i grabbed him by the back of his neck and carried him back inside. well, something like it..... i got the glass door opened and he launched off my arm (i've got a nice puncture wound and a couple of bruises, one from where the door handle hit my hand.)

it's like he has a reset button, he gets out of the house and when he comes back he doesn't recognize anything and freaks out. even though he was only outside for a few seconds. so, he attacked maggie, i yelled they broke up and sat and hissed and growled at everything. maggie was on the back of the couch and i went to pet her to try to calm her down, then i notice some dark spots on the back of the couch. turn the lamp on to check and, yeah, she's bleeding. i swear i looked at her nose and it was bright red, i started to panic, but then thought, no, i'll go clean her up first. took her into the bathroom and wiped off her nose. that was it, thankfully. couldn't even figure out where she was bleeding.

so i went to do the show, everything seems okay now. cleaned up the place a bit since my parents are coming in, and we had one altercation with the puppy. *sigh* if this keeps up i think someone may be dead by morning.