Monday, March 27, 2006

i'm beginning to think i will never be caught up

thought today would be light, nope. tomorrow and tuesday ain't lookin' too good either. and then the rest of the week i work. hopefully the camera up my nose thing tomorrow won't mess with me too much.

got a box ready to ship to rto tonight. had it all taped up and then found something i'd meant to put in it. gah! fortunately it was small so i just made a slit in the tape and stuffed it in. retaped it, then realized i forgot to put the sudafed in there. talked to rto tonight, he sounded much better, very chipper actually, kinda disturbing. oh well.

gail had a post yesterday where everyone mentioned things they hate. others i've thought of since then. children (i really don't care about whatever it is you want to ramble about, i'm reading! i have a hard enough time just communicating with adults, kids make even less sense.) oh now, i've forgotten the others, oh, also when i botch pilling the cat and she drools everywhere. sorry.

i trimmed the bushes today too, i actually got some things accomplished, just not the things i thought i would get done.