Sunday, March 12, 2006

yeah, i said it!

"it's not a solo, it's just that i'm the only one here that knows that part."

fortunately everyone got quite the chuckle out of that. seems like i was picking up the snarkin' slack at rehearsal today since LB was gone. so to get it out there, here's some of maggie's staging peeves:

*people don't always have to be center stage while singing solo lines.

*people don't always have to be looking at someone while they're singing. cause you know, sometimes in theater, characters say things just to be saying them(mainly for the audience, we like some extra insight sometimes) and not necessarily to anyone in particular.

*uh, seems like there was more, but i've forgotten it.

*oh yeah, there's a difference between emoting and pantomiming.

*not everyone will be able to see you all the time, it's okay.

*it would be nice to run through things without stopping, no matter how bad they go, cause sometimes it happens in performance and then you'll be ready for it. sorta. the flow of a show becomes important as an opening gets close. (i know, this is soooooo a personal preference, so sue me)

*watch, don't listen.

*oh, and learn your music. please.