Friday, May 26, 2006

hey, there's someone to talk to here!!!!

*watching x-men 2*

MK: ugh, someone could just come in here and beat me over the head with a club and save some time.

RTO: *chuckle*

to explain a bit, i liked it, but some foreshadowing was kinda heavy handed. like the little phoenix shaped light on the lake.

anyhoo, i'd mentioned going to see 3 tomorrow, and was gonna look up times online, but they were still listing today's times. so we wound up going to a 12:01 show. w007! I had to get out of my jammies and back into normal clothes, that's how cool i am since rto's home. ;D the place was packed, but everyone was fairly well behaved. since we made the decision to go with only 15 minutes to spare we wound up sitting in the second row. oh well. now who knows what we'll do tomorrow.

oh yeah, another fave:

RTO: I swear, Jean Grey has died and come back more times than Hope Brady.