Thursday, November 09, 2006

what was for dinner tonight?

Boston Market Grilled Chicken with Mesquite BBQ Sauce and a side of Ranch Seasoned Smashed Potatoes.

sorry, I couldn't find a picture of this one, and it seems Boston Market doesn't list their frozen things on their website. imagine little strips of "chicken" with grill marks on them in some red sauce and some mashed potatoes with the skins still in them. ah, upon inspecting the box close I found the url. so here ya go!

I will probably eat this one again some time. I liked the BBQ sauce, it wasn't too sweet, just vinegary enough. the potatoes were okay, kinda bland compared to the chicken. so i just saved the chicken for last it was very tender. sometimes i just like some bbq without having to drop at least ten bucks for ribs. i know this will shock some of you.

oh, and in the process of searching for the boston market site, I came across this blog that reviews frozen meals much better than i do. they have a star system and everything!