Saturday, January 20, 2007

records for a rainy day...

ugh, this weather is going to destroy me if it goes on much longer.... I'm just going to stay in bed till the sun comes out again. anyhoo, I'm hoping to get lots of recording done today. I usually save these posts as drafts and then publish them once I'm done, but today I'll just keep updating the post. soooooo, for starters we have:

Music to Relax by in Your Barcalounger - Various Artists: yep, this one is specially made for BarcaLounger reclining chairs by Columbia Records. I love the cover of it , man and woman each reclining in their Barcalounger, all dressed up, like, "we've just been out and it's nice to recline now and listen to this album." and next to the man's chair there's the same album! sorta... it's just called Music to Relax by but the cover is very similar, two people in the same position and chairs with the same album cover.... it could go on and on. anyhoo, I'll take this opportunity to also mention that Smoke gets in your Eyes is from the musical Roberta, since it's on this record. oh, also there's an interesting arrangement of Autumn Leaves on here, actually it's pretty standard until they tack Somewhere Beyond the Sea on at the end. not sure what the reasoning was behind that.

Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1, in B-Flat Minor, Op. 23 - Van Cliburn, Pianist; Kiril Kondrashin, Conductor: it's hard to avoid Van Cliburn here, what with the Competition every four years in Ft. Worth. Looks like this album was recorded in 1958 shortly after he won the first International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. I recognize a lot more of this than I would have thought.

Then Sings my Soul - Jim Hilderbrand: this appears to be someone's personal project, nice baritone and the music is pretty straight forward with only piano or organ accompianment. mainly hymns and a few other religious tunes that aren't as familiar. There's one I've sung a few times, His Way Mine. anyway, the cover is signed "To Helen from Jim Hilderbrand, Judy Hildebrand ,Louis Hildebrand" the other two Hildebrands are listed as being in the choir. Recorded in Parkview Baptist Church - Albuquerque, NM. couldn't come up with anything extra online.

Latin Pianos - Ferrante & Teicher: I love these guys! I'm still not clear on what La Cucachacha is. it sounded familiar, but not like the La cucaracha cha cha arrangement I was expecting. oh well. their version of Tico Tico flys, I imagine there's probably some kind of competition where people who do that song see who can play it fastest while still hitting all the notes.

Love Letters in the Sand - Ken Griffin at the Organ: um, yeah, surprisingly they don't mention what kind of organ. I'd be embarassed to mention it as well, it's pretty puny sounding as far as organs go.

Marching Around the World with the Band of the Coldstream Guards: Canada gets a medley, what's up with that?