Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday audition

soooo auditioned for the Living Opera chorus this afternoon. wasn't sure how it would turn out. I could NOT wake up this morning, fortunately RTO went in to the office this morning and got home to wake me up in time. anyhoo, didn't prepare, didn't bother taking a resume(they've already seen it.) figured i'd just go have fun, and i did. :D they were held at the church i would go to when i went to church. so i caught up with one of the music ministers, he's also going to direct one of the productions and was the accompianist, which made it easier to relax. oh, also, the symphony chorus concert this week is going to be there. he said he was sad he was going to miss it, he's going to malaysia for a couple weeks to visit his wife's family. so other fun part, the audition notice said to have five dollars for the accompianist, well, RTO and I don't usually have cash, so i raided the change jar. so i'm leaving and go, Oh yeah! you probably want your money. um, i only have quarters. "ha,ha, you loon, just pay me later" i should have said, no, no, take it, you can go to the arcade later. anyhoo, he'd mentioned that a lot of people were recording in the new sanctuary, and i said, cool, gee i need to make a new recording. he said well, we could use the cd recorder in the choir rehearsal room, it would be much easier, it is a nice room. so, we'll see. will have to get in touch with him when he gets back.

so i come in:
RTO: how'd it go?
MK: good
RTO: really? you don't usually say that.
MK: well, i felt pretty good about this one, not as many problems, probably the best i've ever done that one.
RTO: huh.

yes, i'm my own worst critic.