Sunday, February 27, 2005

thanks redun!

for the idea you left in the comments at sarahk's.

How many people have you ever seen that could manage to cry for very long if they were singing?

well, i spent some time rambling on this the other day in therapy. came across a post here (sorry, i can't link directly to it) where someone's talking about a student she had that broke down in a lesson. there were quite a few responses from people that had done so themselves. usually once i start crying that lesson is over. but i've been thinking about singing as therapy. when i lived at home, i sang a-lot and played the piano. (or at least i think i did, but of course nothing to do with my lessons) college made me really self concious about letting loose while singing, i mean it's hard to feel comfortable in a little room with just enough room for you and an upright piano. and you hear all the other people practicing in other rooms. so i wonder if that's part of why my depression got so bad. i still am not up to pre-college levels of playing and singing, but maybe it would be worth the effort.