Sunday, March 06, 2005

master class yesterday....

was mildly amusing. learned a little about ornamentation and didn't feel so bad about not being able to do it. think improvisation on bach or handel. She explained that, yes, singers of the time were well versed in the technique, but that was pretty much all they did. no learning french arias, or some crazy 20th century thing.

i sang a handel piece, and once again the evil counting problem reared it's ugly head. see, even though i've played the piano for ages, i don't count very well, it's always about fitting everything together. so if i'm just playing for myself, it sounds fine, but throw in an accompianist that CAN count, and there are problems. okay, not with normal one meter things, this changed from 3/8 to 2/4 every few bars. oh well, my teacher hadn't caught it either. all the more reason to work with someone else occasionally. ;D