Sunday, March 06, 2005

take the food to the food dish....

went to feed the puppy last night, picked up the dish and felt something cool, and slimy. SLUGS!!!!!! they're everywhere, i hate them. so food dish stays outside. though that would explain why i found a squished one on the table the day before. ugh.

Fun slug story... i'd heard that you could kill them with beer. so i left a little dish of beer on the patio one night. would look out occasionally to see them all crawling toward their death. bwah ha ha hahaaaaa. but when i went out the next morning to count the bodies, there weren't any! whaaaaa? so i did some checking online. beer is only the bait, you have to set up a little trap where they fall in and die. (for example, take the top off a 2 liter bottle, flip it over and set it in the bottom of the bottle with some beer in it. slugs come to drink and fall in and drown.) so, i basically threw a little slug party that night. from what i saw it was very well attended.