Saturday, April 09, 2005

the important bits...

from the dallas morning news:

...After intermission he took all manner of dynamic and rhythmic chances in the bawdy-tawdry cantata, mustering drastic liberties in matters of tempo, and erring, if at all, on the side of speed. It was exciting in its shamelessly showy way, and passages of relative delicacy did grace the maestro's progress to the ultimate climax.

The orchestra re-created every twitch, sigh and quiver – well, nearly every twitch, sigh and quiver – faithfully. The vast Dallas Symphony Chorus sang sweetly and feverishly, as needed, and the Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas exuded proper innocence....

and from the NY times:

"The [Orff] was also a smart choice in that it showcased one of the orchestra's strongest assets: the Dallas Symphony Chorus, which sang with a full-bodied, well-blended and lustrous sound, supplemented by the Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas."

sang a concert this afternoon, probably will not be reveiwed, it was family thing so the audience was fairly noisy, but it was fun. RTO liked it. it had a theme of music from around the world.