Wednesday, April 06, 2005

luggage discussion

MK: i want to take my grandmother's suitcase.

RTO: that piece of junk in the garage?

MK: it's not a piece of junk. it's a nice suitcase!

RTO: it's an ancient suitcase.

MK: ugh, would you just go get it out of the garage?

RTO: where is it? i haven't seen it.

MK: (uh, if you haven't seen it why did you just call it crappy?) it's on your side of the garage.

RTO: THAT'S a great place to keep it.

MK: just go get it.

rto goes to garage, mk goes to check on him.

RTO: WHAT is in this thing? bricks?

MK: oh, there might be some encyclopedias in there still

RTO: well that makes sense. don't blame me if they're rotted to heck.

mk empties suitcase

RTO: why do you want to take this one anyway?



MK: um, cause it's big, we can get all our stuff in it.

RTO: we've got other bags we could get everything in.

MK: and.... it matches my makeup case.

RTO: well, it will be easy to spot.

yeah, i'm a big senitmental goof. it's a big blue samsonite monster, lovely blue cloth inside, divider thing, and it has a handle on the side for pulling it.