Wednesday, June 22, 2005

fun evening....

no rehearsal b/c most people in the chorus have church jobs and have rehearsals for those tonight. yay! not me. soooo when we bought the paint for the bathroom we asked the guy about the best way to remove the wall paper. he told us to not even attempt it because most paper today is thin and it "won't come off in sheets" like heavier papers did.(it once took him several hours just to get a couple square feet cleared because the paper would just tear into little bits) well, there were spots where the paper was peeling and he told us to just cut those off and smooth them out. anyhoo, i got bored tonight and started pulling the loose bits off, then moved on to all the paper, because it DID come off in sheets (more or less, i didn't remove any fixtures, and there were a couple spots i'm just too short to reach) it only took me about an hour. yay!

then, i spent some time at the piano. scimmed through a book i found last week that we'd had at home (the greentree songbook). oh, the memories. i primarily bought it for Little Flowers, but i found such gems as The land of oohs and aahs (did christy lane ever record this, JG?) and Give them all to Jesus. i think i may have to show those to the voice teacher. hee hee.