Wednesday, July 26, 2006

fun stuff.....

Gail is starting a fitness log, which is cool. myself? i'm a little embarassed about what i eat, and would i change that just to feel better? probably not. see, there's that whole, "i can't cook" thing. though i had been thinking about posting what i have for dinner.... little frozen dinner reviews, if you will. I swear, i don't know what i ate last time rto was deployed, i don't remember eating so many frozen things. this go round i'm thinking these are healthier than the ramen/mac & cheese/hot dog/pizza rotation. soooooo, tonight's dinner:

Turkey Medallions with Mushroom Gravy:
this was tasty i would probably eat it again some time. The turkey was very tender and moist (except for the small bits that crispy-fied in the microwave, but i'm assuming that's a problem specific to me) oh and there were green beans with red pepper "accents" yeah, whatever. they were like fresh (okay, not out of a can) green beans, which i don't care for(cause usually they have a strong dirt flavor or bitterness, to me), but these weren't bad. maybe it was the gravy. Carlos and Roxie both approve of the gravy, i had to keep them both at bay while i ate.

and then i went and blew any goodness with one of these. though, beleive it or don't, this box has been here since before rto deployed.