Monday, October 16, 2006

For the record

Why I'm going to kill RTO

I turned off the alarm clock last night planning to sleep as long as it would take for me to feel really lazy and have a nice "day after show closing I have nothing to do for a while" crash.

The first call came at 9:44 a.m. then 10:39, then 10:48 about ten calls today, three from the same number and they refuse to leave a message. only one of those from the temp agency letting me know they couldn't find my time card and could i please fax it again. the rest were sales calls... i guess, cause less than half of them left messages.

so why do I blame RTO for this? well, for one those that left messages asked for him... and one of them mentioned getting his number from an online inquiry. I know, I know, he means well, trying to lower some of our monthly expenses and he told them to only contact him by email, but he still gave them our ACTUAL PHONE NUMBER!!!! yay! so I didn't get to sleep as late as i wanted and i'm cranky and not getting anything else done today.