Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday records....

Alo-o-o-ha - The Boltz Family: not sure how you pronounce that. is it a prolonged "o" or a couple glottal "o"s ? the world may never know. anyhoo, this is a nice stripped down Hawaiian album, nothing but ukuleles and guitar and soprano soloist.

Reach Out - Burt Bacharach: He plays the piano on every track. whee! I think I've really said all I ever could about Bacharach. I think this is the first record of his I picked up. I've noticed I'm hitting some of my older stuff here.

Jack Jones in Hollywood: just what it sounds like, dude named Jack Jones singing movie tunes. personal faves being All the Things you Are and More (duh). He sounds like he's well on his way to smokin enough to have a really entertaining voice, kinda furry.