Saturday, June 02, 2007

quick update....

I got my husband and my car back on the same day! so I got an email Wednesday morning from the Family Readiness Group giving us info on the two flights due that day. They would be in OKC by 9:30 Wednesday night. ooookay, after they got to Durant it would be about 11, but that's doable, I don't usually conk out til about 2. so then RTO called around 9:30... from Colorado... I had a long rambly post but blogger ate it.... long story short we got home about 4:30, I went to work late and got home and found out the car was ready. so we picked it up. and it looked good and I was happy that I wouldn't have to get up early today and take RTO back to Durant for paperwork.

chatter is that we're going car shopping tomorrow. whee!

carp! thunder.