Monday, September 10, 2007

Return of the Records!!!

I can tell RTO is getting annoyed about not having a kitchen table, so I have some free time today to record. yay!

To the Tables down at Mory's - Lee Gotch's Ivy Barflies: the cover says, "songs for getting together....drinking beer...and raising hell !!!..." ha ha! how many of these do we teach our children now? quite a few.... or maybe I just didn't know they were for drinking.... I've been workin' on the Railroad. Alouette, Man on the Flying Trapeze, Web Footed Friends and "is the record skipping? no it's just " Row, Row, Row your Boat being sung in a round.

music for a summer evening - Bianco His Harp and Orchestra: or rather, "the rainbow sound of Bianco His Harp and Orchestra" he plays a mix of pop and classical things. I probably picked it up for the novelty of a harp album. and he plays La fille aux cheveux de lin (Debussy, I played it in college, yeah, it's the "sound nice, but you need to count more" tune)

Without a Word - Various artists: just a compilation of instrumentals from Columbia Records. Kinda heavy on Paul Weston (he gets five tracks out of 12) anyhoo, it has Brazil on it. fun story about Brazil... my only year in marching band, we played Brazil... I had no idea what the tune was until years later since I was playing 3rd clarinet, just never heard the melody.

Hooked on Classics - Louis Clark conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: I don't think I could say anything that would do this justice. ;D