Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday recording

South Sea Island Magic - album 3: this one leans more towards exotica, less slide guitar, more orchestra and drums. side 2 focuses more on the orient with Hong Kong Blues, Sayonara, and We Kiss in a Shadow. . I guess maybe that's "South Sea", I don't know, my geography isn't so hot. ;D

album 4: honk-shoooo. actually there are a couple entertaining things here. Mainly I'm getting sidetracked with Hawaii Tattoo. "This arrangement opens with taps, played on the guitar, and then goes on to become a fast hula" uh, yeah, whose brilliant idea was that? some guy named Michael Thomas, which Wikipedia claims is actually Martin Bottcher, but there's no citation for that, and I didn't see it on his official page, but it's also in German. (oh, here it is. and translation) so way to go German guy! anyway, the album closes out with Hawaii from the film version of James Michener's novel. "I am Hawaii, I'll bring you love" real entertaining when sung by a mellow chorus. I'm just sayin'.