Tuesday, August 26, 2008

good times, good times....


RTO: oh carp, it's already 1:30

MK: but... don't you want to see this?


MK: hee

RTO: I'm going to bed.

MK: oooooh, they've got a documentary!


MK: is that?


MK: Jimmy Carter is narrating!!!


MK: President Humanitarian!

RTO: honk-shoo

cause I know how much RTO lu-u-uvs complaints about hurricane Katrina.

it's probably a good thing I'm in rehearsals. or maybe not, because there's nothing quite like yelling at the TV with RTO. anyhoo, when I got home, RTO had Fox News on, but after a while I changed it over to C-Span, that's really the way to watch this stuff (if you feel so inclined), no commentary, you get to see more people on the floor and hear the cheesy band. sometimes they dance.

update: did I say sometimes? They're showing people dancing every break. aw, Sweet Caroline.