Tuesday, September 30, 2008

kitty sob stories

Yesterday I found out the Rowlett Petsmart is open. and they already have kitties there. Some cats get more elaborate stories than others. Was telling RTO about one that was really sad because it talked about how it was only supposed to temporarily be in foster care and then it's owner died and it's owner's sister tried to take it in, but then eight kitties was too many and she had to go to the hospital so now here was this lovely kitteh up for adoption. : ( They had a few kittens too,but I noticed older kitties are cheaper.

Anyhoo, I was there to try to find something for maggie to use as a step up to the side of the tub. Lately she's been acting like she'd just rather not have to jump up there to get to her food. but the dog will eat the kitty food if we leave it on the floor. So I found a short-ish kitty cave/scratchy thing for her to use as a step. She seems please with it, although I think everyone is too large to actually fit inside it, but that's not what it's there for, so I don't care so much.

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