Thursday, October 02, 2008

on the agenda today?

PANIC! and possibly TMI so you may want to quit reading at this point anyway.

Dr: um, are you upset about something?

MK: no *sniffle*

Dr: maybe worried we might find something? or worried about what we're going to do to you in the other room?

MK: no, um, I just do this when I talk to doctors.

sometimes I think this must be why the few doctors I saw about feeling rundown all the time went with depression because I'd get there and just start bawling. not saying they were entirely wrong, but they tended to not wonder much about any other cause. because really, who cries all the time? oh, I rehearse being all calm and talking about my symptoms over and over in my mind, but it's never actually happened in real life.

so anyway had some blood drawn, which is always fun, got stuck in my left forearm at first and then they moved to the back of my right hand after the first vein quit working. I actually prefer that to the inside of the elbow thing. felt a little light headed but managed to stay upright the whole time. oh, also was thankful that they had stacks of cups in the restroom for urine samples because I dropped the first one I wrote my name on in the toilet. hopefully they don't check the trash can for that kind of thing. (I warned you about TMI, but it's all amusing to me now so I'm rambling about it)