Sunday, May 10, 2009

whatever I did last night, I hope I don't do it again anytime soon...

have been just worn out all day. slept til almost one thirty, but was having this really intense dream and was hoping I would finish it. It started out with me on some college campus and these two guys in a light blue ford truck try to run me over, but I managed to run into a building, but then they got out and shot me. and then I was all, "I'm not dead?" and this voice told me "no, this is going to happen six months from now" so I spent the rest of the dream trying to help these two detectives track the two guys down and one of them keeps showing up and killing people (even blew up a building) and getting away and I think at some point one of the detectives was killed. and there was something about corn and my name was Carla Ross and I was upset that my friend had disappeared as well.

anyhoo, my head hurt most of the day. still went out and got a new microwave, though. w007!