Tuesday, May 19, 2009

when the bike helmet does nothing...

was out walking Roxie at the park and heard some kid crash his bike. Once I got to where I could see him, he was crawling out from under the bleachers behind the backstop. Judging from that, I'm guessing he didn't realize the hill that the pavilion sits atop ends abruptly with a three foot drop into the "dugout" I thought he was probably okay since he was up and walking/running towards his mom. but she looked at him and went "Oh my God!" (from what I could tell, he'd hurt his right eye cause he had his hand over it) He was being taken care of, so I kept walking. bout the time we hit Kittyhawk I heard sirens and it sounded like they stopped where the park would be. poor kid. OTOH, other kids will probably think he looks cool with an eye patch.