Saturday, July 11, 2009

grocery frustration

I may have to start going to a food only kind of place after tonight's visit to Target.

Frozen foods have changed a bit since I last purchased many of them a week. I found a few of my old favorites, but was annoyed that I couldn't find others, like Three Cheese Chicken and Archer Farms only makes foofy single serving pizzas now. or that's all the Target had. goat cheese and spinach? Margherita? blech. pizza should be pepperoni.

oh and they were out of Bush's Garbanzo beans so I got stupid "organic" ones. but then they didn't have tahini either, so it will be another day or two before I make hummus.

And no cheddar cheese cubes! I told RTO about this and he says I probably just missed them. uh, I don't think so. They only had colby jack.

So anyhoo, I picked up some other things to try for variety while RTO's at AT.

tonight I had a DiGiorno for one Pepperoni pizza with garlic crust (just ignore the nutritional info) and microwaved it and it was tasty.