Monday, August 03, 2009

case closed!

and it only took me, um, three and a half weeks.

The day RTO left for annual training, I noticed some spots of blood on the floor in our bathroom. So I inspected all the critters and couldn't find anything wrong, and I thought, "well, I'll ask RTO about it whenever I talk to him" but then I always forgot.

So the next night I'm at puppy class with Roxie and the trainer is working with her and I see this red spot on her chest. I'm all "OMG! IT'S ROXIE!" and the trainer is like "what?" so I tell her about the blood and how I couldn't figure out which animal it was and then as soon as I grab Roxie I realize her harness is red. so. it wasn't Roxie.

I kept forgetting to ask RTO about it... until tonight. He was getting out of the shower and I was thinking about how I'd forgotten to ask him if he could maybe clean the bathroom floor while I was at rehearsal and then I remembered the blood and asked him if he was the guilty party.

YES! seems he'd cut his foot on a loose piece of the baseboard and he thought he had cleaned it all up, but obviously, he hadn't. but that would also explain why there didn't seem to be a trail, just three or four random spots, none of which ruled anyone out.

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