Thursday, October 29, 2009

um, so I haven't had to use accounting fundementals for a while now....

Decided to take some Skillsoft courses to stretch my accounting brain again and debated about whether I really needed to start at the beginning. um, yeah. Here's my pre-test result:

now, a couple questions I missed because I didn't format the numbers correctly, I had the right number but forgot the dollar sign. still. kinda sad.

update: I completed the course tonight and mostly improved.... I like how the General Ledger score actually got worse. and I also hate cash flow statements. on the plus side, I don't plan on having a job where I ever have to make financials from scratch. or do the General Ledger by hand. (I think that's what got me, they insist you learn their order for making an entry by hand and I kept forgetting when the Post Reference was supposed to be done. not like it matters so long as it gets done, but there you are.)

so now I'm panicking because I just realized I have until Wednesday to take the rest of the courses for Accounting 101. It looks like most of them are shorter than this one. I guess we'll see how motivated I am.