Monday, November 02, 2009

another day another accounting course....

W007! Accrual Accounting Procedures!

I was hoping to get more done today, but then I got distracted with looking at job postings. *sigh* May try to push through the last three and test tomorrow. But, I have to go vote at some point and get some kitty litter.

update: another one down... one to go....

I'm totally kidding about that payroll thing. I think they simplified a lot of it.

update 2: ALL COURSE WORK IS FINISHED!!! now, to try the final exam. heh.

I'm noticing I don't do well on the Lesson Overviews. I showed some of the questions to RTO and we've decided I over-think things. The Overview questions are usually along the lines of "If I account for Merchandise Inventory _______" fill in the blank with one or several of their choices and they're always nebulous things like, "The company will have an accurate financial picture" "The Company will make money" "Everyone will be more efficient"

I don't care about all the reasons why I'm doing this stuff. I just do it.

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