Friday, November 27, 2009

fun with cut outs...

RTO: could you draw Mary and Joseph?

MK: k



RTO: That looks like a ghost.


RTO: It looks like a ghost when I do it too.



RTO: what's that?

MK: um, a donkey.

RTO: really?

MK: *scribble, scribble, scribble*

RTO: that's better. Can you move him up?

MK: *sigh* He's laying down, he's tired.

RTO: I can't tell he's laying down. It just looks like a pygmy donkey.

MK: *adds line* there. there's his "legs"


MK: oh, we could put an angel up here. or maybe just a horn.

RTO: horn?

MK: you know, a trumpet.

RTO: will you quit drawing on the board, you're wasting my eraser. Let's just make Mary taller.

MK: fine.


MK: tada!

RTO: cool!


RTO: wait, what did you do over here?

MK: oh, I added an animal of indeterminate species and a sheep.



RTO: how bout we keep the sheep an get rid of the unidentifiable animal.