Wednesday, November 04, 2009

last accounting post for a while... I hope....

Here's an example of the questions that kept confusing me....

for some reason it made me think of mom. ;D

oh, the study mode just means I could see if I got it right or not right away and see what the correct answer should have been.

seems like most of the final had these kinds of questions. I hate them.

yeah, that last one was all stupid questions.. didn't ask how to make an entry or anything, just "Why is this a good idea?"

anyhoo, tomorrow I will go to one last class at the placement co. and then be put on hold for a month and get one week in December. I plan to finally enjoy my funemployment, I just have one last weekend of performances and then my days and evenings are mostly free. (Roxie starts Intermediate training Tuesday)

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