Monday, December 07, 2009

This week could get interesting....

I made contact with Accountemps today. I'd been trying to avoid that until January, but the job they posted was just too perfect. A/P, 80 hours a month, don't care about hours so long as everything gets done on time...

But that will also probably mean going in for testing and an interview, which is fine cause I wasn't happy with their "Profile" choices as far as F/T vs. P/T vs. Temp went. Okay, it was only F/T or Temp. and they probably won't like that I didn't fill out most of the "not required" things.

Still, it was easier than the IRS application I filled out last week. The government has some really weird ideas about hiring. They make you answer five bajillion questions about what experience you have and it's all multiple choice. (My favorite part? calculating "experience" they want it in months and if you work P/T you have to reduce it down to F/T hours ie: 1 year p/t at 20 hours a week would be 6 months.) argh.

Oh well, I had been gearing up for a week o' boredom. guess I shouldn't do that.