Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's time once again for....

Confessions of a bad kitteh momz.

I let the dogs in yesterday morning without closing the gates first. So of course Sophie went looking for kittehs. I was trying to corral her and Roxie back into the living room, but they were both staring and or barking (Sophie) at maggie. I wasn't having any luck at catching either dog and maggie decided she'd had enough and tried to make a break for it over the dining room table. But Sophie caught her before she made it to the living room. Not sure exactly what happened, but maggie ended up on her back, and I was screaming at both dogs to leave her alone. At least it was a chance to grab them finally and I put them both back outside.

Went to find maggie and she seemed okay. kinda damp, but no broken skin. But then I noticed she was limping. So I called up the vet and she wasn't going to be in for a couple hours could I wait til then? um, sure. Had fun trying to keep an eye on maggie until we finally headed out for the vet's office.

Anyhoo, had her x-rayed and nothing was broken, but her back leg was obviously painful as she let the vet know when she was prodded. so, she's on pain medication for a few days and hopefully she won't spend all day in the scary bedroom closet like today.

When I went to pick her up from the vet, there was a guy there with his tiny dog whose jaw had been broken when the guy's boxer had decided he was a chew toy. So, I suppose it could have been much worse.

This week is not going at all how I'd planned.

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