Sunday, May 23, 2010


If you plan to ever read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol... skip this, or not cause it's about a stupidly obvious plot device.

more filler.... RTO and I took a trip up to Duncan, OK this weekend for a family get together. Anyhoo, I thought it might be nice to try to read something on the trip (We did this with The DaVinci Code, but it was a trip to, um, Kansas, I think, so we had more time to read and got all the way through it.) Anyway.... rant below.....

You're using the old, old, old "We shot him dead years ago and he's dead....... Oh wait, did we mention they never found a body?" Reallly!? Mr. Brown!!!??? Don't think I didn't notice your smug "I just needed to crank out another book to buy a beach house so here's some cliches I got from every comic book and soap opera ever written" look. Just add MASONS!!! ok, I have to admit that's fun and probably explains why I find other parts of the book to be fairly predictable. oh well, have fun living on the beach.