Wednesday, June 09, 2010

since it involved a fmaily thing...

my dream from today....

We (me, mom, lola, dad) were taking Grandma Z to her house after she'd been gone a month or two and we get there and it's full of college kids on spring break or something. So I'm trying to kick them out and a couple of them throw a fit and say they're going to sue. whatevs. Then grandma has everything kind of sorted in her house so we can take what she's getting rid of. I ask if I can please, please have all her records. so then we're loading everything in this really old looking truck. (with wooden slats for the bed) and we're driving through a lot of abandoned towns. some of them had huge brick buildings, but there aren't any people there anymore. and then at one point we realize that someone is following us to take our stuff. we stop and spend the night at an aunt's house and make some crafty things. I made a wooden helicopter/plane looking thing and (I think it was supposed to be Carol) made a little wooden figure of me wearing a kimono, but I wasn't allowed to see the front of it, cause she didn't finish it before we left. Anyhoo, eventually got "home" and trying to find a place to stash the truck so these people couldn't take it. and then they did and a group of us (don't remember anyone specific now) decided to go to a local basketball game and go out on the court with axes to try to get our stuff back. Didn't hurt anyone or anything, just wanted to look menacing if we needed to.

towards the end, it was a song we were having a dispute about. I guess we had proof we'd written it, but the others wanted it so they could claim credit. There was also a huge bridge at some point. One of those arched ones that you don't see where it ends till you get to the top, except the bottom of it was underwater so we decided to wait til the tide went out to move on.

Also had a dream where I was sooooo angry at RTO because he recorded over all my stuff on the DVR to record stupid HD shows about snakes and silly youtube videos. I mean, I could barely speak I was so angry. funny.