Sunday, July 18, 2010


Finally got around to watching this (it aired in May on PBS) mostly just kept reminding myself that, yes, this was the same lady that sang in Cenerentola last season. I mean, she can act and sing and dance and I hope to see more of her in the future. Was fine with the rest of the cast though not some of my faves. As long and as well known as the show is, I don't really have anything intelligent to add.

Loved the revolving set, but was going "Huh?" at the end when Don Jose and Carmen rotate off and Escamillo and the crowd rotate in, frozen in a pose, with a dead bull. um. okay. I get that that's what was going on inside all that time, but... was that supposed to mean something? Also was kind of amused that the cigarette factory seemed to be underground, all the women came up out of a big hole in the middle of the stage.

so, here's a clip of the opening of act II, watch around 3:30 mark for the part where she's singing while they carry her around on her back over their heads.