Wednesday, July 07, 2010

so I've been to Illinois and back...

RTO had a cousin that got married and since everyone was there they decided to celebrate his grandmother's 90th birthday (which I found out later isn't til November... um... okay, talk about tempting fate)

and then RTO spent most of the reception arguing debating with his uncle. Not sure who was the brilliant person who seated them at the same table.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast and managed to not drive anywhere Saturday, just walked everywhere. I found some dollar records at this one second hand store. oh and RTO got a haircut and said it was a real barbershop because he came out smelling funny.

We also read A Thousand Splendid Suns. I haven't decided if I liked it or not. It was kind of a beating. (pun intended) Mostly because it dragged at the beginning (fifty pages in and I didn't really care about Mariam) and the end (even more years later? really!?) OTOH, it's kind of nice that Hosseini makes a point of tying up all loose ends, now if he could only do it in less than one hundred pages (I exaggerate, it only seemed like 100 pages) sooooo, it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't as engrossing as The Kite Runner.

The dogs made it through being boarded though we were a bit doubtful after we got two phone calls the first day. (One was to let us know they were being moved out of the suite because they started mauling the baseboards. and the second was to let us know Sophie has hookworms (still? again? who knows) but yesterday they came home happy and clean. Carlos stayed at home and a neighbor came to feed him a couple days, and he seems a bit more needy since we got back.

getting back to normal/work has been kinda difficult. at least now I'm on the downhill side of the week.