Wednesday, September 15, 2010

so, um, wow.

in case you were wondering, I'm doing pretty good this last week. Didn't realize how much I was putting up with for so long. I can wake up before 10 and not feel sluggish all day. I've gone to work three days in a row for two whole weeks now. (I was a little late yesterday because I juuuust missed the train and figured I might as well read the paper and wait for the next one.) Still hittin' the snooze button a bit, but getting to sleep earlier and not waking up at three or four.

I think Sophie notices. heh. no, the Cesar Milan book I read he mentions quite often that dogs reflect our energy. So theoretically since I've been unbalanced she walked all over me, since I couldn't be a reliable leader. But she's finally not lunging after kitties so I'm feeling better about what happens if we don't find a new home for her. Don't completely trust her yet, but it's nice to know Albert can curl up on the back of the sofa and not be bothered. Now if we could just convince Carlos.