Sunday, September 19, 2010

South Pacific

*intro for This Nearly Was Mine begins*

MK: oh man, I'm just gonna start bawling now.

RTO: huh?

MK: This song gets to me already, but this dude singing it.... *sniff*

RTO: well, I'll cry with you.

and so we did. well, just the tears running down your face maybe I've got something in my eye kind.

This ran on the local PBS station, oh, probably a month ago, but we just watched it tonight and Mom, if you can you really should see this.

We'd watched the movie recently and it was terrible so I debated whether or not I should record it, but I'm glad I did.

I got a bit teary at the end of the first act and told RTO, "I actually care about these people" the movie ones just annoyed me, and I didn't feel like some of their actions made any sense, or were so poorly acted that i just couldn't believe it.

Other funny note, "Happy Talk" started and RTO was all, "this wasn't in the movie" uh, yeah it was and it seemed to go on probably why he didn't remember it, but in the show it's in a completely different context and is a bit disturbing... I don't think that's the right word, but it has a much darker tone.

Like I said, I'm really glad we saw this, it totally redeemed the show for me.