Thursday, June 07, 2012

about two thirds through

A Kiss Before Dying.  and OMG it's good and surprising. like me gasping and kicking my feet kind of surprising. eeeeeeeeee! so I highly recommend it even though I'm not even done with it yet.  There's a movie version, but I can't see how they can do the big reveal, guess I'll find out what they do with it.

 I'm also about the same amount of the way through The Tao of Music, getting into more touchy feely territory (talking about "Centering" for example) but I did make a playlist made up for one of the exercises for "depressive mood". basically starting with music that expresses how you feel and progressing to how you would like to feel.  can't say I'm anxious to try it out, but at least I know it's there now.