Friday, November 07, 2014

maybe not so normal yet

this week has been doctor visits. just check ups, nothing new. I did have some trouble getting my blood drawn.  The guy stuck me in one arm and that didn't work so he ended up using the back of my left hand.  and then I tried to pass out.  they make kinda a big deal about it at the lab.  had to lay down and wait for them to check my blood pressure before they would let me go.

anyhoo, went shopping today.  I have about half of my Christmas stuff done, trying to push RTO to help with his family.  apparently Thanksgiving is kinda late this year, so there's only three weeks between it and Christmas. (at least that's what my therapist told me, looking at it, it's like three and a half.)

so routine was blown this week only walked the dogs today and didn't get much cleaning done.  haven't dusted in weeks. oh well.