Sunday, March 06, 2016

hardly working

have finished two books at work since I last posted. things aren't picking up yet and they have given us extra little jobs to do.  oh well.

not much going on. Albert is keeping on keeping on.  got an infection thanks to the chemo, so he's on antibiotics again.  I'm not sure if he'll get his next treatment this week or not, his white cell count was a little low and I'm guessing the infection won't help.

I did exercise two days this week, so that's good, I guess. Need to really bump it up, so maybe we'll go for three days this week. woo7!

Already got some birthday presents from RTO, some musical cd's and a lamp for work and a couple mugs. Apparently there's something else really entertaining on it's way.

Got an appointment with the therapist I asked for. we'll see how that goes in a couple weeks.