Saturday, November 06, 2004

Telco is evil

where to begin... I tried to post something yesterday morning, but blogger kept giving me an error message, and then later everything went to heck. RTO and I had gone out to run some errands before he left. we left from the front door since our garage door has been out of commission all week. came back and he parked in the back, so he's like "we'll just go in the back door" well, we found out that if you open the back door when the alarm is set there is nooooo grace period, fortunately there's still some time if you want to run up and turn it off, but it's embarassing. so we went about our business, RTO packing and me planted on the couch. Later the alarm beeped for no apparrent reason except now there was a red light on and we had no idea why. RTO left, I left for a voice lesson, came back.... the $%$%*$!@ computer still wasn't connecting to the internet, unplugged the router, shut everything down a few times, still nothing. grrrrrr. took a nap, tried the computer again.... nada. at this point I finally go, "I wonder if the phone is working" nope. greaaaaat. I went to visit the neighbors I'd met last weekend. asked if I could use their phone to call in the problem. Their phone doesn't work either. At this point though I need to get myself changed and downtown to sing, so they said they'd try some other neighbors. I come back, still no phone. oh well. Five thirty this morning there's a knock on the door. "I don't care if it's somebody I know(I have no way of knowing, it's still dark outside, no way am I turning the lights on, I'm not opening the door) They unlock the door and come in. RTO? no, his brother, oh, okay, RTO's freaking out since he hasn't been able to talk to me or reach me by email. (I don't have a cell phone, we'll talk about that later) Use BIL's phone to call the phone co. after outsmarting the automated system I talk to someone, they say they'll send somebody out to fix it before noon. fine, I'll just sleep some more. Long story short, went alllll day without phone, left for concert, still no phone. got home, Finally!! so her I am complaining. yay! think I'll make a different post for related news.