Thursday, March 24, 2005

other items of the day....

so, i figured since i was out, i would go get my allergy shot. well, by the time the meeting got out it was lunch time at the shot gettin' place, so i had some time to kill. i stopped at a mall between the two places. found some easter egg shaped candles. tried on lots of clothes that made me look fat. ;P

finally got to the allergy office, went back to get my shot, and the nurse is like "huh, you've got a balance on your account, go sort it out and then come back for your shot"...ummm, okay. gave them more money, went back to the window for shots, nobody there. *sigh* so i tried swiping my card again (who knows, maybe i had to check in again?) well, no, the computer keeps telling me it's not advisable to leave before my post-shot-wait time is over. okay, but i haven't been shot yet. I think that got the nurse to come back out, she asked me what was up and i said it was telling me not to leave, and she looked at the screen and said, yeah, you got a cat shot so you have to wait thirty minutes. okay, i haven't been shot yet. oh? (this is the same lady, i don't think it's even been five minutes) "well, come on back, just wait a few minutes after the time clock says you can leave before you go" mmmmm,kay. I told RTO i am never going back on thursdays if that's the nurse that's always there. she was a little tooooo stabby for my taste. i flinched for all three shots, she tells me i'll get used to it. i'm thinking, i've had other shots previous weeks that didn't make me jump. ugh. i won't be forgetting HER face.

soooo i finally head home, get in, go get the mail, take pictures of the kitties, notice it's really bright outside, maybe i can get more pics of the back yard. go out, puppy goes in, i take pictures, puppy eats my glasses. rrrrrraaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!! kitties knocked them off the nightstand, so of course anything on the floor is fair game for the puppy, the fresher, the better. it's about four o'clock about this point. I call RTO ask if he remembers the name or phone of the eye doctor he went to last month. (he has noooooo clue) i manage to find them in the phone book, call them, can't get an appointment until next week! i explained that my puppy ate my glasses and they were like, um, okay, i'll put you on a cancellation list. I can't go that long without my glasses!!!! sure i wear contacts, but, but..... so I call the local Target, get the number for the optowhatever there, call and they can get me in at 4:30. yay!!!! got my eyes examined. didn't lie about how long i'd been wearing my 2 week contacts (about five months) get a prescription, ask the target people how long it would take to get glasses, 5 to 10 business days. sorry.

go back home, call RTO, see if he wants me to come pick him up and we can go to mall and i can glasses. spend some time trying to find frames i like, RTO was NO HELP! anyway, finally settle on a pair after a little help from one of the guys in the store. (sorry mom, i couldn't bring myself to get some cat-eyes. well, they didn't really have any i liked.) about this time i think to ask how long it will take to get them. tomorrow. okay, i can do that. will have to model them later. wandered around the mall for a while and finally came home. whew!