Saturday, April 30, 2005

more stupidness on the road....

RTO: [bo gi] creek.

MK: i think it should be pronounced [baw gi].

RTO: why's that?

MK: because of the double consonants. (boggy)

RTO: well, you're wrong, that's not how it works.


RTO: i think i know why you're confused. how would you pronounce h-a-t-t-e-d

MK: [hat ted]

RTO: and h-a-t-e-d?

MK: [hay ted]

RTO: see, it's not the consonants that did that, it's the silent e.

MK: 'scuse me, but there are two consonants in hatted.


MK: so how bout ego and eggo?

RTO: well, uh, see, b-o-g-y is only one syllable, that's why it would still be [bo gi]

MK: WHA????? it's still two syllables!

RTO: no, no, see, a vowel can't be a syllable.

MK: oh, so you're telling me ego is one syllable? it's not about spelling, it's about the beats in a word.

RTO: no, see, I learned, i had to split the syllables up. it's one syllable.



MK: oh i give up!