Monday, May 23, 2005

stupid tivo....

normally i love the thing but there have been a couple times it cuts things off. i guess really it isn't the tivo's fault, it's the stations or whoever sets the times i'll have to start asking the tivo to keep recording a little longer. so tonight it cut off the end of the man who knew too much i don't think it cut more than a couple minutes but still, it was like "yay! they're okay!" but no happy reunion for everyone. did the bad people pay for their crimes? ugh.

also watched Macario last night. interesting. but part of the story sounded really familiar and i can't think of where i've heard it. something about death telling someone he'll let him know if someone is going to die or not by where he stands by their sick bed (foot-they'll get better, head- they won't). in the version i remember the man tricks death in one instance by turning the person around in the bed. hopefully, sometime when i'm not thinking about it, it will come to me.