Monday, May 16, 2005

what day is it?

my internal clock is getting wonky without RTO here to make me keep "normal" hours. i think if left to my own clock i would sleep most of the day and stay up at night, at least that's what's happening now. didn't go to my chorus re-audition. figured this year was such a trial why bother?

oh well, i should clean the place up today. or i could wait til tomorrow, rto won't be back until late tomorrow, maybe watch movies and cross-stitch. get the stupid polar bears done. i still can't figure out what i did to mess up the baby bear so badly, he's like five or six stitches too low, i'll have to improvise some of the shading on the ground. and then it's back to knitting and crocheting for a while. i bought some pattern books this weekend and a pound o' no.10 thread. something about doilies sounds really fun. not that i'll use them for anything, i'll probably give them away, for me it's the doing that's nice. when i look at other's crafts that are being sold and figure in the time it takes (or at least that it would take me), they really don't get paid enough, really you're lucky to recoup the cost of the materials. it's something you just have to enjoy doing, and you sell things because, really, how many doilies or pictures does one person need?