Wednesday, June 01, 2005

we have been to the vet's office

and returned safely. typical visit for the cats, hide under the bench, look panicked while being examined, be called fat fleabags. well, maggie's aproaching senior status, but she'd had blood work done in february so we skipped that. took some urine to test to see if maybe she had another infection which would explain the blood on the counter. i don't know. Carlos is great! good teeth, clean ears. but he did hiss at the vet. maggie just grumbles (meow ow owo ow ow).

you'll notice a link to Drink at Work on my sidebar, the author of this blog is also the current writer for Sally Forth. he's been talking about what a stink has been raised by readers about the current story line where kitty is sick. he's explained that he does in fact love animals and had a kitty that he lovingly cared for for years. even giving it an enema twice a week when it had intestinal problems.

thankfully we don't have to do anything like that for our two kitties. he has a link today to someone elses tale of kitty care. it's hilarious.