Tuesday, May 24, 2005

i hate banks....

Chase bank in particular. we've been using bankone, but they were bought a few months ago, so everything is in the process of changing. so we're in the process of moving everything to a credit union. anyway i'm a bit worked up because i HATE,HATE,HATE chase bank's stinky bill payment center. they are the only bank i've dealt with that can't make a same day payment (let me clarify, i can't make a payment to my accounts with them, i generally prefer to write checks for things, i'm old fashioned that way) without charging 13 bucks. can't even set up a payment account and use it the same day, they need two business days at least to set it up. again ONLY bank i've run into that does that. that and the system said i'd never enrolled before which is a crock, but it had been so long since i used it i couldn't remember my login (i tried all the usual ones and it didn't recognize any of the combos i tried, but then i also couldn't use any of them to set up a new login cause they were taken. yeah, that happens a lot, NOT!) anyway, i wasted some bill paying time filling out their online survey to let them know what i thought. makes me so mad. i mean lightheaded cause i can't punch anyone mad. idiots.

whoa! they just showed some video of a truck exploding on the highway here on the news. shoosh! big fire ball. much like my rage for stupid banks.