Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i'm a klutz....

i'd been looking for a while for bathroom stuff, you know, soap dish, cups, toothbrush holder, etc... a while back i found some i liked at tuesday morning, thing is they're ceramic, which i thought i prefered. (we've had this metal and glass/plastic stuff since we got married and parts of it were getting rusty, so no more metal) but rto and i, we're klutzy, or maybe it's just me, i think the cats broke his cup. i managed to find a replacement, bought two cups(to be on the safe side), and dropped one in the garage. last week as we were cleaning up the bathroom i dropped another piece. then there's the fact that i couldn't quite distinguish the very pale blue from the white. i guess really what i'm getting at is i'm still not quite happy with the bathroom accessories. and i may have to replace them all anyway if more get broken. i'm so picky about those things.

and speaking of kitties.... carlos has this thing about moving water. several times now i've watched him stick his foot in the water dish to move it before he'll drink out of it. for a while i had a little tea cup they liked to drink out of, but he broke it, he was always tipping it over anyway. so then the other night i'm taking my pills and a set my mug down and instantly his head is in it. gah! i'd let them drink out of one if i thought they wouldn't break it. maybe i should find a plastic one, but then there's still the matter of dumping the whole thing onto the counter. he's ruined more than one box of kleenex that way.

woo, just felt like rambling on that today. life is so exciting here.